DIY Shiny Halloween spider web - Halloween crafts for toddlers with glue and brocade
Anna Kubczak dnia 26 October 2015
DIY Shiny Halloween spider web - Halloween crafts for toddlers with glue and brocade
Autor: Anna Kubczak

It was warm for a week before Halloween. Sun came out from behind the rain clouds and we changed our artistic plans for forest hiking. Alternatively park and bicycle.

A minimum worth to devote to joyful creativity. So what we propose today? sparkling with brocade, shiny spider-web, useful even as decorations for Halloween.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 21 October 2015
DIY rainbow bugs from nature materials - fall maple seeds as part of crafts for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

This year the fruits of maple enjoy with us an exceptional prosperity. They are unfathomable treasure trove of ideas, though they look so inconspicuous. The flies, dragonflies, butterflies, multi-colored insects and helicopters. And into the bargain, they are said to be edible.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 20 October 2015
DIY Czarno-białe owady z darów natury - nasiona klonu - klon jawor w ramach prac plastycznych dla dzieci
Autor: Anna Kubczak

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Anna Kubczak dnia 19 October 2015
DIY Twisted bugs made from nature materials - Honey locust pods (Gleditshia) as part of crafts for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

Autumn is my third favorite season. Despite the cold is still some advantages. And these are the colors! The play of light and color on sunny days, yellows, oranges, reds and browns interspersed with deep green. Magic.

Coming back to earth, interesting fruits and seeds ripen in autumn. Many of them can be used for artistic activities for kids. Unusual (I think) example is the Honey locust pods (Gleditshia). Autumn sun gives them a beautiful brown color, and a twisted nature – a character.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 1 October 2015
DIY Colored fish from dried autumn leaves of tree as part of the art for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

As announced in a previous post, today we have another idea to use autumn leaves in the art for kids. This time we create pictures of fish in the lead role.

Again, we paint dried leaves. For kids their flat ground surface is easier to paint.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 30 September 2015
DIY Colored bugs from dried fall leaves of tree as part of the art for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

Children grow so fast. Until recently, they wrote the pages of his first crayons, and today they are looking for challenges. Well, at least the walls save … But I suggests to them unusual canvas for their creations. Today – dried leaves, which rise colorful insects.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 14 September 2015
Little forest people made from acorns during art projects for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

Last Saturday afternoon we spent with the children in the park. During fun definitely towered playground, where children played excellently. After all, we managed to find a moment for a short walk in the park. I should add that park full of oaks, and if so, and also the acorns.

We collected acorns and other gifts of nature. Nuts linden, maple noses, and many others. With our collection of fresh, still green acorns, after returning home, there were tiny forest people…

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Anna Kubczak dnia 9 September 2015
Colorful egg carton fish made from recycled materials during activities for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

Summer trips are often associated with knowing new animals. Often these are the fish, saltwater fish and freshwater fish. Those in the wild and in aquariums. If your children have been fascinated by the colorful fish from warmer regions of the world, you can do your own fish to hang in the kid’s room.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 9 April 2015
Picture of spring flowers made from egg cartons during crafts for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

Spring flowers grow. Also in our house. This time we created a spring picture with recycled egg cartons, filled with vibrant colors and fantasy.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 30 December 2014
Egg carton Christmas tree crafts for kids

Autor: Anna Kubczak

Kolejnym motywem wykonanym z wytłaczanek do jaj jest choinka. Przed Świętami Bożego Narodzenia pomysł idealny. Podobnie w trakcie, gdy po świątecznych przygotowaniach w domu znaleźć można sporo wytłaczanek na jajka.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 30 October 2014
DIY Halloween pumpkin ideas - Halloween crafts for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

Preparing for Halloween working at full steam 😉 I’m exaggerating. However, this is a time for cool Halloween crafts. This time we made pumpkins with paper: hanging and on stick skewers.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 17 October 2014
Homemade Halloween decorations - paper mache pumpkin crafts for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

It’s already mid-October, which means there’s not much time left before our Halloween Party. In many homes there are thematic decorations: pumpkins, bats, spiders. All these little scary, a little bizarre creations. Also in our house this year there are such trivia, behind which the kids go wild. Today I’ll show you one of the ways in which you can make a Halloween pumpkin with paper mache.

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