DIY rainbow bugs from nature materials - fall maple seeds as part of crafts for kids
Anna Kubczak dnia 21 October 2015
DIY rainbow bugs from nature materials - fall maple seeds as part of crafts for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

This year the fruits of maple enjoy with us an exceptional prosperity. They are unfathomable treasure trove of ideas, though they look so inconspicuous. The flies, dragonflies, butterflies, multi-colored insects and helicopters. And into the bargain, they are said to be edible.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 20 October 2015
DIY Czarno-białe owady z darów natury - nasiona klonu - klon jawor w ramach prac plastycznych dla dzieci
Autor: Anna Kubczak

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Anna Kubczak dnia 19 October 2015
DIY Twisted bugs made from nature materials - Honey locust pods (Gleditshia) as part of crafts for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

Autumn is my third favorite season. Despite the cold is still some advantages. And these are the colors! The play of light and color on sunny days, yellows, oranges, reds and browns interspersed with deep green. Magic.

Coming back to earth, interesting fruits and seeds ripen in autumn. Many of them can be used for artistic activities for kids. Unusual (I think) example is the Honey locust pods (Gleditshia). Autumn sun gives them a beautiful brown color, and a twisted nature – a character.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 24 November 2013
Apple and pear - free printable coloring pages for kids
Autor: Anna Kubczak

Printable coloring books is a way to diversify playground with kids. They provide the opportunity to develop creativity of the child, their perceptiveness and concentration, which is needed for accurate coloring in chosen field.

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Anna Kubczak dnia 6 October 2012
Szklanka soku jabłkowego - kolorowanki dla dzieci, Anna Kubczak
Autor: Anna Kubczak

Today something healthy. Apple juice for coloring. Maybe later, still some juice you drink?

Coloring book for kids can be a prelude to a meal, a tasty snack for a toddler who rarely wants to eat fruits and vegetables, which he serves.

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